NFM watermaker

The NFM (No Frills Modular) system is a compact and reliable source of fresh water with limited space. It’s simple installation and easy operation provides alle the water yo uneed in any part of the open sea. The NFM system is highly suitable in small sailing yachts and power boats. Despite of the modest size, it produces a multitude of drinking water per day.


The filtration process reverse osmosis that the NFM uses is based on water that is pushed thouth a partially permeable membrane.

  • Available in AC or DC configuration
  • Small and lightweight
  • Water production: 530 to 6800 liters a day
  • Ideal for small leisure boats

Model # Per Hour Per Day
AM 170
AM 350
AM 550
AM 750
7 gal / 26 liter
15 gal / 55 liter
23 gal / 87 liter
31 gal / 118 liter
170 gal / 645 liter
350 gal / 1,325 liter
550 gal / 2,080 liter
750 gal / 2,839 liter
NFM system
NFM with motor, membrane and flush system

For additional information please contact our Sea Recovery consultant:

Marcel Vink

Marcel Vink

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