What exactly is a watermaker ?

A watermaker is a (partially) automated machine which converts brackish and salt/sea water into fresh and clean drinking water. This way, all water used on board, is taken care of by one machine. The Sea Recovery range of watermakers all use the reverse osmosis technique to purify the water.

What is reverse osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis is a water purification technology that uses a semipermeable membrane to remove Viruses, Bacteria, sugars, soluble salts (ions), Metal Ions, and larger particles from sea water to produce drinking water.

Which type of watermaker do I need?

For choosing the right type of watermaker that fits your needs or demands, a number of things are important to keep in mind. The number of people on board, the size and the type of vessel are a few indications to start with.


For personal advice on wich type of watermaker fits your needs best, contact Sea Recovery consultant Marcel Vink at Theunissen Technical Trading BV by mail: m.vink@tttbv.nl or phone: +31 (0)24-3667473

How about the maintenance?

Every watermaker needs periodically maintenance which includes changing filters (consumables) and flushing the system. The best way to maintain your watermaker system is to make sure the filters are changed on time when they are poluted, flushing the system automatically after use and cleaning is performed every time it is needed.

My watermaker is broken, now what?

At Theunissen Technical Trading BV we have an inhouse service department. Almost all spare parts and filters are available from stock. This way, we always find a solution to repair or fix a malfunctioning watermaker.

Where can I check reference projects for Sea Recovery watermakers?

For reference projects with Sea Recovery watermakers contact Marcel Teuwsen or Marcel Vink by email, or call +31 024 358 4455