Aqua Whisper Pro watermaker

The Aqua Whisper Pro’s semi-automatic operation requires only one pressure adjustment to varying feed water conditions. User-friendly touch pad control panel is simple to use and easy to understand. Multiple product water production capabilities from  1,700 liters to 6,800 liters per day. The filtration method reverse osmosis is based on high pressure and a semi-permeable membrane.

  • Compact and light system
  • High degree of process automation
  • Modular system option
  • Water production: 1700 to 6800 liters a day

Manage critical functions from any location


The LCD touch screen acts as your watermaker’s first mate, and will assist your efforts to maintain, guide, and configure the Aqua Whisper Pro anyway you wish. Vital system functions and gauges are reported through the display and remote, and can be accessed at any time. The Aqua Whisper Pro gives operators maximum control with the ability to do more than ever before.

Model # Per Hour Per Day
19 gal / 71 liter
29 gal / 110 liter
38 gal / 142 liter
38 gal / 142 liter
58 gal / 221 liter
75 gal / 284 liter
450 gal / 1,703 liter
700 gal / 2,650 liter
900 gal / 3,407 liter
900 gal / 3,407 liter
1400 gal / 5,300 liter
1800 gal / 6,814 liter

Sea Recovery Aqua Whisper Price


The Sea Recovery Aqua Whisper Pro comes in various water production levels, depending on the amount of high pressure seals installed, and with various options for pre and post filtration. The Sea Recovery Aqua Whisper price, as for any Sea Recovery watermaker, is of course subject to the choices made by you with regard to the actual execution of the desired watermaker. To get an impression of price levels, we encourage you to visit our webshop, in which various standard variants of the Aqua Whisper Pro are presented.


Aqua Whisper Pro at TTT

The sales consultants of Theunissen Technical Trading BV (TTT) are very willing to consult you in your search for the optimal Sea Recovery watermaker. Based on the size and utilization of your yacht or ship and your specific demands, TTT can propose a fit for purpose watermaker, such as the Aqua Whisper Pro. During the lifetime onboard, TTT is able to perform service and maintenance on board. Also spare parts and consumables are available, mostly directly from stock.

Aqua Whisper Pro watermaker consumables

Consumables Aqua Whisper Pro

aqua whisper pro watermaker spare parts

Spare parts Aqua Whisper Pro

Aqua Whisper Pro watermaker system
Aqua Whisper Pro Dimensions

For additional information please contact our Sea Recovery consultant:

Marcel Vink

Marcel Vink

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