The products


A reverse osmosis watermaker allows the crew of any ship or platform to have their own independent source for constant high quality potable water. The risk of contaminated water consumption, which can occur when bunkering water in various parts of the world, is prevented completely.


The range of watermakers of Parker Sea Recovery is designed to meet highest demands from the point of view of crew welfare. By offering highly automated systems, including continuous monitoring of various sub-processes, automatic flush operation and automatic pressure regulation, system maintenance is kept to a minimum. Not only is this helping to increase crew welfare, also the pre-filter and membrane performance are optimised, which leads to a longer life span of the filters and reduces the carbon footprint of the system.


Some of the Parker Sea Recovery systems have specific features that contribute to both the environment and crews welfare and safety. An example is the energy-saving Ultra Whisper watermaker, which offers an energy recovery system ‘Energy Transfer Device’ that reduces energy consumption of the watermaker and at the same time extends the seal maintenance interval. contribute to safety of the crew.


Another example is the I-Save energy recovery system on the Atlantic Sea series, capable of reducing energy consumption with 49% compared to a conventional system. This significantly reducing the carbon footprint of the system.


Parker Sea Recovery offers the largest service network for watermakers. This not only increases the company’s service level, but also reduces the need for service travelling as well as long range distance distribution of parts.

The manufacturer


Parker Sea Recovery is an ISO 9001 and 14001 certified company and a part of the Parker Hannifin Water purification Group. Parker Filtration plays a vital part in water conservation and reclamation, with Parker Reverse Osmosis playing a major part in the desalination of brackish and sea water.

Parker Sea Recovery has committed themselves to continuously improve their environmental performance and will:

  • Promote sustainable development by preventing pollution and eliminating undesirable impacts on the environment
  • Ensure all company’s efforts result in continuous and measurable environmental improvements
  • Ensure all planned activities do take into account the individual employee, working environment and company’s surroundings
  • Ensure compliance with ISO 14001 for all production units as well as compliance to local environmental and work environment legislation.

Sea Recovery ISO certificaat