Sea Recovery Watermakers

Since its inception more than 40 years ago, Sea Recovery has evolved into the world’s leading watermaker manufacturer. Today, Sea Recovery watermakers are recognized globally for providing outstanding reverse-osmosis products, service and support to a broad scope of markets that includes commercial marine, offshore, oil and gas, military and land-based organizations.

Aqua Whisper Mini watermaker

Aqua Pro mini

Up to 2850 L / day

Aqua Matic watermaker by Sea Recovery

Aqua Matic

Up to 6800 L / day

Aqua Whisper Pro watermaker system

Aqua Whisper Pro

Up to 6800 L / day

ULTRO clear technical watermaker

Ultro Clear DF

Technical watermaker

Aqua Matic XL watermaker

Aqua Matic XL

Up to 12.000 L / day

Coral Sea watermaker system

Coral Sea

Up to 25.700 L / day

Tasman Sea watermaker system

Tasman Sea

Up to 87.000 L / day

North Sea watermaker system

North Sea

Up to 199.500 L / day

Sea Recovery filters, service and spare parts

Sea Recovery has a worldwide coverage for both service and the supply of spare parts and consumables. More than 200 exclusive distributors and service dealers are present all over the world to provide service to any Sea Recovery watermaker onboard. Besides, all needed spare parts and consumables can be purchased locally. All types of Sea Recovery Filters, as well as Sea Recovery cleaner fluids, media sand or other consumables are readily available from stock. Theunissen Technical Trading BV has a webshop that shows all consumables, as well as a range of most common spare parts.


Sea Recovery watermakers prices

Sea Recovery watermakers are offered against very competitive prices. As for any watermaker, several choices have to be made with regard to pre- and post-filtration, needed power, needed amount of reverse osmosis membranes and so on, prices can vary. On our webshop, we have shown various standard executions of various watermaker types, which gives you a good idea of the price level for that watermaker type. In order to get your best price, we encourage you to contact us for an inquiry. Based on your input, we will offer you the most suitable watermaker with a very interesting price.

For additional information please contact our Sea Recovery consultant:

Marcel Vink

Marcel Vink

+31 (0)24-3667473