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A watermaker on board has many advantages for the ship's crew and passengers

Sea Recovery

For more than 30 years, Sea Recovery has the largest worldwide market share concerning watermakers. The watermakers, based on the principle of reverse osmosis, filter sea water, what resulting in clear drinking water. A watermaker on board has many advantages for the ship’s crew and passengers.

Watermaker: money and space-saving

Using a Sea Recovery watermaker, bunkering of drinking water becomes oblivious and large storage tanks won’t be necessary anymore. The added value of a watermaker is immediately apparent. There is clear drinking water all the time and when you need more, extra water can instantly be produced. Thanks to the compact construction, the watermaker does not need much space and the high degree of automation makes Sea Recovery very user-friendly.


Sea Recovery has a worldwide service network with representations in many countries. The network consists of over 200 exclusive distributors, such as Theunissen Technical Trading BV located in the Netherlands, and local service dealers. In larger countries, various service dealers guarantee a further geographical coverage across the globe.

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