Java Sea watermaker

The Java Sea is the perfect reverse osmosis watermaker for larger vessels, either mega yachts or commercial vessels, by combining industrial-strength production with space saving designs. The Java Sea system is found in various types of vessels, such as luxury yachts, cargo vessels, mid-size dredgers, workboats, oil rigs and even in various onshore applications.


  • Compact and light system
  • User-friendly LCD touch screen
  • Water production: 3500 to 12,000 liters a day
  • Ideal for mega yachts and commercial vessels

Sea Recovery Java Sea watermaker


The Java Sea system is one of the easiest and safest industrial grade watermakers to own and operate. It features automatic operation and safety sensors, who when triggered, automatically shut down the system. To ensure safe operation, the system will shut down when maintenance of the pre filter is required or when the operating pressure limit is exceeded.

Model  Vessel Size Per Hour Per Day
3″ Membrane
3″ Membrane
3″ Membrane
3″ Membrane
39 gal / 150 L
77 gal / 290 L
110 gal / 420 L
132 gal / 500 L
925 gal / 3500 L
1850 gal / 7000 L
2650 gal / 10000 L
3200 gal / 12000 L
Java Sea watermaker system
Java Sea Dimensions

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Marcel Vink

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