Aqua Whisper Mini watermaker

The Aqua Whisper Mini watermaker of Sea Recovery is easy to use and specially developed to fit anywhere. With the size of a microwave, the watermaker is highly suitable in small sailing yachts and power boats. Despite of the modest size, the Whisper Mini produces a multitude of drinking water per day.

  • Measuring not even 0.1 m³
  • Simple interface, eventually with remote control
  • Water production: 644 to 2,850 liters a day
  • Ideal for small leisure boats

Smallest watermaker from Sea Recovery


The Aqua Whisper Mini is available in several variants. These watermakers produce up to 27 liters (Mini 170), 55 liters (Mini 350), 87 liters (Mini 550) or 117 liters (Mini 750) of clear drinking water per hour. The Aqua Whisper Mini is ideal for solo cruisers. The smallest type, Mini 170, weighs only 32 kilogram. In comparison with a water tank, the engine is less stressed and the fuel costs are decreased.

Model # Per Hour Per Day
AM 170
AM 350
AM 550
AM 750
7 gal / 26 liter
15 gal / 55 liter
23 gal / 87 liter
31 gal / 118 liter
170 gal / 645 liter
350 gal / 1,325 liter
550 gal / 2,080 liter
750 gal / 2,839 liter

Reliable purification process


With the Aqua Whisper watermakers of Sea Recovery, ship owners can establish the system settings the way they want. Settings like the pressure level can be tuned and monitored using the advanced touch screen display. The LCD display supports the user with maintaining, controlling and configuring the watermaker.


Aqua Whisper at TTT

The sales consultants of Theunissen Technical Trading (TTT) are very willing to consult you in your search for the optimal Sea Recovery watermaker. Based on the size and utilization of your yacht or ship and your specific demands, TTT can propose a fit for purpose watermaker. During the lifetime onboard, TTT is able to perform service and maintenance on board. Also spare parts and consumables are available, mostly directly from stock.

Aqua Whisper Mini watermaker consumables

Consumables Aqua Whisper Mini

aqua whisper mini spares

Spare parts Aqua Whisper Mini

Aqua Whisper Mini watermaker
aqua whisper mini watermaker dimensions

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