NFM watermaker


Up to 2280 L / day

Ultra Whisper watermaker

Ultra Whisper

Up to 2280 L / day

ULTRO clear technical watermaker

Ultro Clear DF

Technical watermaker

Coral Sea watermaker system

Coral Sea

Up to 25.700 L / day

Atlantic Sea watermaker system

Atlantic Sea

Up to 1.125.000 L / day

Aqua Whisper Mini watermaker

Aqua Whisper mini

Up to 2850 L / day

Aqua Matic watermaker system

Aqua Matic

Up to 6800 L / day

Aqua Matic XL watermaker system

Aqua Matic XL

Up to 12.000 L / day

Tasman Sea watermaker system

Tasman Sea

Up to 87.000 L / day

Aqua Whisper DX watermaker system

Aqua Whisper DX

Up to 6800 L / day

Aqua Whisper Pro watermaker system

Aqua Whisper Pro

Up to 6800 L / day

Java Sea watermaker system

Java Sea

Up to 12.000 L / day

North Sea watermaker system

North Sea

Up to 199.500 L / day

For additional information please contact our Sea Recovery consultant:

Marcel Vink

Marcel Vink

+31 (0)24-3667473